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Do you want to take your athletic skills to the next level?


Dynasty Athletic Performance, LLC is the play for you!

We specialize in skill development for student-athletes across North Carolina. We are train athletes in Raleigh (RDU), NC, and Newton Grove (Eastern), NC. 

Join our revolution today. 



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Why Train with Dynasty Athletic Performance, LLC?


Through actionable training and the personal guidance of our trainer, our athletes are able to excel on the field and take their game to the next level– college football.


Our Above The Neck training covers multiple layers, giving athletes the mental composure to be tough in the moment and optimize mental capacity thru the last snap.

Dynasty Athletic Parents

"I am very impressed with Coach Simmons and his training. Very professional and knowledgeable. My son got so much out of his session. We will definitely continue using Coach Simmons for training."

"5 star service!! Coach Simmons is a great person to work with. He’s always available and always willing to offer advice. Me & my son have thoroughly enjoyed Dynasty Athletic Performance!! The drills are A1 & so is Coach Simmons knowledge of the game & positions. Great Coach to have in your corner & always working to improve & promote your athlete. Very affordable and also convenient training locations. I would highly recommend Dynasty Athletic Performance!! Believe me when I say they go above and beyond for your Athlete!"

"Wow! I decided to get some off season workouts for my rising senior, this was my first time with Dynasty and let me tell you it was worth every dime! Coach Simmons runs a great program! We did 2-1 hour sessions and the drills that he ran will help prepare your kid for the next level! Thanks Coach!" 

The Creed

Our number one priority is to get you better with every single rep. Your mindset has to be different to train with us, tougher. We are not interested in training athletes who hope they’ll be good. We want athletes who are willing to sacrifice more than most to achieve greatness, push themselves a little further than they thought they could. People think what we do is too tough, and we’re okay with that because in that hard work, we’ve found greatness.”

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